Is the housing market still a good investment?

March 19, 2019

For decades, investors have regarded homeownership as one of the soundest investments an average American could make. The housing bubble and subsequent crash altered that view somewhat, leaving many leery of housing’s potential volatility. Indeed, in the years ahead, housing could face periodic pressure from rising interest rates.

Overall, however, housing fundamentals appear well supported by sound financing and the fact that housing demand exceeds the available supply in many areas trouvé sur ce site. Housing can serve as an important component of any long-term term financial plan.

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 Ojai Real Estate Market 2019

  • 37 homes reported sold in the Ojai Valley for 2019. 93022 and 93023
  • Average days on the market for home was 88
  • Summary Price Information 2019
    Minimum $450,000 – Maximum $2,481,245
    Average $897,893 Median $745,000

California Housing Market 

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